Resource Guides


Resource Guides facilitate access to existing state-of-the-art materials relevant for cyber resilience learning on particular topics. 

The Guides are written from the perspective of a learner who perhaps understands the basics of a topic but is seeking to obtain a more advanced understanding by gaining quick access to the most relevant learning materials. The Guides cover selected cyber resilience topics that have been identified as a priority by participants. They provide an overview of existing learning material on a subject matter and offer orientation for readers.

Each Resource Guide includes two parts.

Part I

Part I offers a brief introduction to the subject area and orientation for readers. This comprises the topics covered with short summaries and the intended target groups for the guide.

Part II

In Part II, available learning resources are listed and hyperlinked, organized by learning topic. Materials include written resources (reports and studies), but can also consist of other kinds, such as online training courses or videos. The lists include short summaries of the learning resources, the learning outcomes and their value for different stakeholders.