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Resilience Thinking

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The capacity to prepare, to recover and then to adapt and grow from disruptive shocks and stresses. How does Resilience Thinking apply to securing cyber space?



and SDGs

Cyber Security is often perceived as a mainly technical issue with predominately technical solutions. As technology increasingly permeates into every aspect of our lives and has become critical for any country`s development, securing cyberspace has become a key issue for achieving the SDGs.


in Cities

The inter-connectivity of people, devices and organizations in today’s digital world, opens up new vulnerabilities — this is why cyber resilience is a necessary pillar of smart cities.


and Frontier issues

As globalization of technology, of trade, of finance and of people are interrelated and mutually reinforcing, it is easy to imagine examples whereby technology enabled development. Cybersecurity is indispensable in sustaining this trend.