Country Projects


Building Capacity for Cyber Resilience in selected Partner Countries

Cyber:Learn is working in and with selected partner countries to directly support them in increasing their cyber resilience capacity. The cornerstone of these efforts in each country is the development of a national strategy for cyber resilience learning, which, today, is lacking in several countries. Such a strategy systematically examines the needs for learning and skills development in sectors linked to cyber resilience.

Objectives of the Country Projects

• Institutionalize Cyber Resilience learning in partner countries by working with ministries and other existing coordination mechanisms;

• Mobilize political support and resources for Cyber Resilience learning from national budgets and external partners (UN organizations/country teams, bilateral donors, foundations);

• Improve cross-sectoral knowledge exchange in partner countries by linking Cyber Resilience learning to broader policy objectives;

• Build an improved human resource base to increase cyber resilience in the partner countries;

• Support a North-South-South exchange by integrating experienced individuals from one partner country into the strategy development of another partner country.

Strategy Development

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Working closelywith key stakeholders in selected partner countries, UN Cyber:Learn providessupport for developing and implementing National Cyber Resilience Learning Strategies. Such strategies identify actions to be taken in the short, medium and long-term to strengthen the human resource base to strategically increase cyber resilience. 

The main steps for developing such strategies are given below. Importantly, the development process is carried out in a country-driven process and the strategy will be linked to preexisting initiatives and rely on broad institutional participation. UN Cyber:Learn provides coordination and methodological support, ensuring that ownership remains with the country.